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Alpine's 2023 plans are in ruin, as Oscar Piastri has publicly denied the team's claims that he will race for them in Formula 1 next season. 

As rumours intensified this morning that Piastri had reached an agreement with McLaren, the Enstone team released a statement on social media. 

Alpine claimed that Piastri has been "promoted" and would drive for them in 2023, in an effort to flex their muscles and put pressure on the 21-year-old. 

However, this statement immediately raised concerns among fans, as Alpine's announcement had no quotes from Oscar Piastri about the deal. There were also no details on the nature of the contract. 

Piastri himself was also silent on social media, which seemed bizarre for a driver supposedly fulfilling their dream of reaching Formula 1. 

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Piastri would quickly rectify the situation, releasing a statement on social media that clarified his position, emphasising he will not drive for Alpine next season whilst also implying he has secured an F1 seat. 

This suggests that the Australian has reached an agreement with McLaren, a deal widely discussed over the last 24-hour cycle. 

It seems Piastri and his manager Mark Webber wasted no time assessing the options available to them, likely promising Piastri a Williams seat (as the team assumed Alonso would continue).

The Australian pair found a more direct path to the top of F1 with McLaren, a far more convenient route than Alpine proposed. 

When asked by the BBC's Andrew Benson for their reaction to the statement issued by Piastri, Alpine said they "believe we're legally correct in our statement but don't have anything further to say".

Alpine has suffered tremendously over the last 24 hours, losing both Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri, exposing themselves as being naive to the events surrounding them. 

There is a genuine possibility Alpine will enter a legal battle to maintain Piastri's services, but regardless of the outcome, the bridge between the two parties has been damaged beyond repair.