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Fernando Alonso will reportedly be summoned to the stewards for his comments about the FIA, speaking about their "incompetence" in a recent press conference. 

The Spaniard was penalised on two separate occasions at the Miami GP. His first penalisation was for a T1 collision with Pierre Gasly, which Alonso took responsibility for post-race. 

Despite Alonso's apology, there were some complaints that Mick Schumacher committed a similar offence against Sebastian Vettel later in the race, only to receive no punishment from the stewards.

This was not the topic of Alonso's complaint, however. The double World Champion believes the 5-second time penalty he received for leaving the track and gaining an advantage was "unfair", as he told the media:

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"We believe it was very unfair and incompetence from the stewards. They were not very professional. I missed one corner and gave back the time. They saw the pink colour [for fastest] on the next sector and took it without asking for proof.

We arrived back with the proofs and they were packing up, not even in the room. We showed them the data and they found themselves with their hands tied because they had already issued the penalty. It was very bad. It is something that should not happen in F1 with the professionalism and the standards F1 has right now."

Alonso is not the only driver to vent their frustrations towards the FIA, with Carlos Sainz and Esteban Ocon among those frustrated at the decision to keep concrete barriers in Miami's middle sector. 

Regardless, AMuS reporter Tobi Grüner reports that Alonso will face a rather uncomfortable meeting with the stewards following his recent comments, though it is unlikely the Spaniard will receive anything more than a slap on the wrist.