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Fernando Alonso's Canada heroics were completely undone by an embarrassing race from Alpine, who compromised his race in a variety of different ways. 

The first Virtual Safety Car did not help Alonso's race, as his Mercedes adversaries were able to take advantage of some fortuitous timing to gain significant amounts of time in their first pit stops. 

However, Alonso was still on track for a minimum of P5 before the second Virtual Safety Car, where Alpine had a far clearer option to stop before again instructing the Spaniard to stay out. 

Even after these two blunders, there were about seven laps in which Alonso communicated to his team that he was suffering from extreme graining, which in itself was evident from the timings.

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There was about a 10-lap period after the second Virtual Safety Car in which Alonso could have made his stop and come out in P5, which he would have no doubt kept for the remainder of the race. 

Instead, Alpine chose to keep Alonso out until both Ocon and Leclerc jumped the Spaniard, putting him into traffic. 

As if the Double World Champion's evening was not compromised enough, he suffered from ERS issues and clipping from the majority of the race

Even then, Alonso managed about 9 tenths on Ocon in one lap on the hard tyres, just as another safety car came out. 

His engine issues ultimately forced him to make some hasty defensive manoeuvres in an attempt to keep Bottas behind, again being plagued by the poor execution of Alpine in Grand Prix, which has consistently cost him points this season.