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Nicholas Latifi believes that the arrival of Williams' upgrade package to his FW44 at Paul Ricard gives him the chance of a fresh start this season. 

The Canadian has been comprehensively bested by his teammate Alex Albon, who has established himself as the lead driver at the Grove-based team since joining. 

Some speculated that Latifi would lead Williams in the season's early stages, with many hypothesising that Albon would take some time to adapt on his F1 return. 

This has not been the case, and Latifi knows this, which is why he hopes Williams' upgrades can offer him a chance to turn things around:

"The pace was absolutely for our package for how we have been. It's the first time I've had the same car as my teammate in a while", said the 27-year-old after the French GP. 

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"I was getting fed his laptimes, and I seem to be quite a bit more competitive despite being in the dirty air, so it feels like my season is getting back on track. 

Latifi future

"We changed the chassis a few races ago in Silverstone, and since the pace is always exactly where it needs to be. Instead of half a second, seven-tenths every session, I'm now matching him like-for-like."

It cannot be said Latifi showed no pace in Paul Ricard, as he drastically closed the gap to his teammate - in terms of race performance. 

Even at the British GP, pre-upgrade, Latifi was competing for points throughout most of the race. With the new upgrades firmly fitted to the Canadian's F1 machine, it is worth observing his performance in upcoming rounds. 

Latifi is probably too late to salvage his seat for 2023 but can certainly work to change the narrative surrounding him as the season continues.