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News about the F1 calendar has only intensified in recent days, with reports emerging that Madrid and Nice have expressed an interest in hosting a Grand Prix. 

Monaco, France and Belgium are the circuits currently under threat, with the impending arrival of South Africa and expected return of Shanghai meaning that at least one of these venues could lose out.

Discussions have been held for some time about returning to South Africa's Kyalami, with Domenicali emphasising its significance on various occasions. 


Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei has highlighted F1's intentions to secure a deal with South Africa for 2023, as he told

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"We try to say we race on every continent where people have cars. 

We're trying [to return to South Africa]. We haven't gotten there yet, but we're trying. I think things are set up well there."

These quotes only confirm reports that a return to South Africa is a priority target for Formula 1, which spells bad news for some of the previously mentioned European venues.

The Concorde Agreement prevents the calendar from exceeding 24 races, and given the circuits already guaranteed slots for next season (in addition to the additions of Las Vegas), something has to give. 

Currently, Kyalami holds the cards for 2023, and Shanghai's contract with F1 means that only pandemic-related complications could prevent its return next year. 

Warren Scheckter, a key figure in organising Kyalami's F1 return, said in an interview last year that 2023 was the most likely year for South Africa to come back. As reports emerge that the South African GP could take place early in the year, it seems several steps have already been taken. 

With South Africa's addition to the F1 calendar possibly just a matter of time, it remains to be seen which of these races will lose their slots.